10 Coolest Indonesia Football Club Badges

The Badge is a symbol as an illustration of a characteristic of a club’s self-evidence. In order to be able to describe the proof of a football club in which there are symbols and photographs, the logo is designed sturdy and designed in stages.

The following are the Coolest Indonesia Football Club Badges that we think have a good design regardless of which division the club is competing in, the financial strength of the club, the number of supporters, etc.

Coolest Indonesia Football Club Badges

Persib Bandung
Indonesia Football Club Badges

The club from Bandung West Java, the logo took the idea of ​​the symbol belonging to the government of the City of Bandung. But some are replaced like the removal of the slogan of the City of Bandung and the shield which is made slightly curved.
The simple symbols and the appearance of the Persib logo are among the best of the logos of other former United clubs.
The team that has the title of Maung Bandung combines shades of green, blue, yellow, dark and white, taking turns filling each other cumulatively in 1933 as the year the club was founded.

Lampung Sakti

The club that competed in the second division of the Indonesian competition which was named Persires Rengat, established in 1962 was indeed not a fairly large club in Indonesia. However, Lampung Sakti has a logo design that is so attractive and original.
Using a design that is predominantly blue and can mean a classic, there is an elephant mascot in it.
Although seemingly not excited, the elephant is drawn in detail. The location of the ball in the trunk of the elephant in the symbol looks good. A blend of traditional and modern.

Cilegon United

Cilegon United competes in League 2, has a good logo style with a beautiful and modern impression. The choice of font types and symbols that are deemed appropriate for describing Cilegon and a football club.
The symbols that are in the symbol can be united and have proportions that do not go too far, even though it has different meanings.

Sriwijaya FC

The South Sumatra club changed their logo to be far more elegant, at that time SFC also won the Indonesian League. However, the symbol of the Sriwijaya soccer club, which has the name Laskar Wong Kito, now looks more original, beautiful and modern when compared to their old symbols/logos.
The red heart pattern is combined with the golden pattern in the design of the emblem; the image of the eagle appears to be fused with the roundabout that surrounds the Ampera Bridge symbol. The eagle became a protector of the people of South Sumatra, which incidentally is the headquarters of Sriwijaya FC.

Persija Jakarta

Same with Persib Bandung and other former United clubs, Persija Jakarta also uses the regional government logo. The club nicknamed Kemayoran Tigers only modified it by increasing roundabouts, orange-white lines and also Persija’s writing. From this simple modification, the Persija football club’s logo/symbol is unique and looks simple compared to other club logos.

Persigo Semeru FC

After the merger between Persigo Gorontalo and Semeru FC, a club from Lumajang, East Java, the name changed to Persigo Semeru FC, and the headquarters moved to Lumajang. Their club logo/symbol was also modified to be more modern and better than the previous logo.
There are ball symbols, Mount Semeru, and banana leaves. The symbol of Mount Semeru is located in the middle-top, at the base of a large ball which means the great talent of Lumajang. While the banana leaf symbol is located on the left and right. The mixture of symbols is quite absurd and crowded, but therein lies an interesting location.

Persis Solo

Persis Solo does not use the LG logo as a club logo like most clubs. The Persis Solo logo/symbol looks original and elegant although simply because the colour used is only red.
The picture of the candle on it means that Persis always illuminates the people of Solo with a burning spirit. Images of 15 stars and their circular mean that Persis Solo is formed from 15 internal clubs in the city of Solo.

PSIM Yogyakarta

By combining three shades of yellow, white, blue and combining the characteristics of the city of Yogyakarta, making the PSIM Yogyakarta logo look classic and vintage.
The PSIM Yogyakarta symbol consists of a monument formed by Hamengkubuwono Awal, a ball, a pair of soccer shoes, and a pair of wings.

Borneo FC

The old Borneo FC logo which is unique and shows self-evidence and regional characteristics have not been changed, despite the club name change. The mascot in the Borneo FC logo, when viewed at a glance, is indeed like a dolphin, but when viewed in detail the mascot is actually a dolphin, which is a type of fish in freshwater that is similar to dolphins. The fish lives in the Mahakam River. A football club logo/symbol that is quite interesting.

757 Kepri Jaya FC

The soccer club from Batam and competing in the second division of the Indonesian league can be said to be the same as Borneo FC. The merger between Bintang Jaya Asahan and YSK 757 Karimun also displayed fish in their main club’s logo.
The Kepri Jaya FC logo mostly uses dark blue and yellow patterns. However, the fish mascot uses a more complex style, so that the snapper contained in the logo looks more alive. An attractive football club logo/symbol design that is similar to the sports club logo in the United States.

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Thus the list of several Indonesian Football clubs that have the best logo design with various meanings listed in it.
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