10 Strangest and Worst Badges of Football Club From All Over the World

A football club logo/symbol generally depicts the identity of the city or the mascot associated with the club. But there are ten of the strangest and worst Badges football clubs’ logos/symbols from around the world and do not even describe the identity of the club. There is? Come on, let’s take a look.

Strangest and Worst Badges of Football Club From All Over the World

1. Rayo Vallecano (Spain)

Strangest and Worst Badges

It looks unique, but what do you think makes the Rayo Vallecano logo look weird? Right, the red graph that decreases on the logo explains the decline in the stock exchange that has happened there. Hmm, there’s nothing worthy of being one of the weirdest football club symbols

2. Sheikh Russel (Bangladesh)

As seen in the logo, about whose picture is posted there? But even so, the Sheikh Russel club from Bangladesh won the Bangladesh Premier League and successfully competed in the AFC Cup. Cool !!

3. Alloa Athletic (Scotland)

Alloa Athletic uses the stocky bee icon on its logo. How strange is that? Why do you think the Scottish League club uses a bee with arms like that?
Alloa Athletic Football Club is a Scottish association football semi-professional club based in the town of Alloa, Clackmannanshire. Founded as Clackmannan County in 1878, the club changed its name to Alloa a year later and to Alloa Athletic in 1883.

4. AS Marsa (Tunisia)

Tunisia is located in northern Africa and is a country whose territory is a desert. Therefore it is not strange if US Marsa, using the camel icon. But it’s a bit weird not to see a camel playing football?

5. Benevento Calcio (Italian)

A yellow-red colour combination? It’s great! Icons of a witch? Well, what is about in the mind of the football club logo maker Benenvento Calcio, who currently competes in Serie A, Italy? Infonya, the witch icon located on the logo is used to describe the witch from Benenvento in the 13th century.

6. Feni SC (Bangladesh)

The shape of the logo is like most football logos, but strangely, Feni SC uses a logo/symbol that displays the tactics of their team’s matches. Likewise the type of letters used in writing “Feni Soccer Club”, aren’t they elegant?

7. Limon FC (Costa Rica)

Limon FC is a football club from Costa Rica, Central America. A whirlwind icon that has a face and displays a broad smile and has a pair of hands, not making fear but rather impressed funny.

8. Wycombe Wanderers (English)

Wycombe Wanderers is an old club. Wycombe Wanderers was founded in 1887. But we see the swan icon in its logo. Poor, why are the goose chained like that?

9. FC Show (Norway)

What do we have in mind when we first see the FC Show logo? A combination of pink shades and the icon of a bearded male waiter who carries a tray with a football ball on it with a bow tie, instead makes this Norwegian FC Show club far from macho.

10. Burton Albion (English)

Just like Wycombe Wanderers, Burton Albion is one of the clubs from England, precisely from the Championship Division. On the logo that combines yellow and black, there is a protruding icon with the position of kicking the ball. Does the image appear because of the nickname Brewers gave them?

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Thus the ten symbols/logos of the weirdest and worst Football Clubs from all over the world. In your opinion, which club has the most bizarre and most ugly logos?
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